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Turn your bike into an e-bike with this Quebec company


A bike shop in Saint-Hubert on Montreal's South Shore has a unique solution for anyone wanting to ride an electric bike, but can't afford to buy one.

"We are installing electric bike conversion kits in the bikes of our clients," explains Hugo Deligny with UGO Cycle. "Applied to a bike, it's really sensational. It's really a natural feeling of pedalling. It's really unique because we can adapt it to 95 per cent of the bikes."

On its website, UGO Cycle boasts it is the "only solution on the market for converting your conventional bike into a 'pedal-assist' electric bike."

"Usually people have biked for a lot of instead of buying a new bike with electric, they can use the bikes they already have, so it makes something affordable," said Deligny. "It's really a game-changer."

Anyone looking to convert their existing bike to electric can expect to pay about $1,299.

"We'll collect your bike and return it to you electrified and ready to ride in less than 48 hours," UGO Cycle reassures.

The company adds buying a new electric bike can cost closer to $2,299.

- With reporting from CTV News Montreal's Dave Touniou Top Stories

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