MONTREAL -- Looking to survive anyway they can, some Montreal restaurants are offering to be part of people's Thanksgiving dinners.

Vegan restaurant Hello123 in NDG has been struggling since it was shut down again last week.

“This time did not seem fair. We had 48 hours notice and it doesn't really give you much time to prepare,” said co-owner Jonathan Dresner.

One idea they’re hoping might keep them afloat is a new Thanksgiving take-out menu, complete with all the traditional favourites (for vegans).

A millet and mushroom tortiere is on the menu, as well as apple and pumpkin pie, and a selection of salads.

“(Chef) Emilia came up with a Thanksgiving meal to try to do something which I think we'll even try to carry forward more than just doing it for the one event,” said Dresner.

Petros in Westmount had a good summer – and business there, too, came to a crashing halt.

Owner Ted Dranias is now focusing on takeout and especially Thanksgiving specialties.

“If people want us to roast a turkey, we can do a whole turkey. We're doing family-style meals for $100 to $125,” he said.

They also have other options, including traditional Greek seafood and meat platters.

Dranias said he's been blown away by all his loyal customers who keep supporting them while the dining room is closed.

“I can almost shed a tear because I got great encouragement, people walking up and down the street,” he said.

Dranias said his Thanksgiving menu is part good business and partly his way of saying thanks.

Lecce Desserts is getting into the Thanksgiving spirit, too.

The designer dessert shop usually sells high-end doughnuts, but now they're making chicken and salmon pies as part of their holiday menu.

“We know that people aren't gathering into big groups this year, so there aren't big turkey feasts. We're doing chicken pot pie and it's ready-baked and you just pop it in the oven, and we have our Thanksgiving doughnuts which is a pumpkin pie, and apple compote doughnuts and we also have wine, which comes with the package,” said Josie Weitzenbauer.

In spite of it all, the restaurants say they're hoping business will be back to normal soon -- after this year, they'll be thankful if they can just find a way to survive.