The Prime Minister says Ottawa will provide funding for new public transit works in Montreal, but only in several years.

Justin Trudeau visited the STM garage in Montreal to discuss the $775 million in the federal budget allotted for maintenance and upgrades to existing infrastructure.

However he was careful to point out that the federal government is committed to helping fund new transit projects, as long as municipal and provincial governments are also invested.

"These are projects that require a certain amount of preparation and planning and studies to make sure they are properly set, and going to maximize the impact and benefit for citizens," said Trudeau.

The Liberal government has promised several billion dollars, starting in 2018, for large scale infrastructure such as a light rail line on the Champlain Bridge, or an extension of the Blue metro line.

"However there are projects that are many years off, there are projects that are almost ready to go," said Trudeau.

He said it is up to cities and provinces to determine their own priorities, and to set aside cash for those projects before coming to Ottawa for assistance.