MONTREAL -- Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he doesn't know if he would send his children back to class if they attended a Quebec school.

Trudeau made the statement Sunday evening when he was a guest on popular talk show Tout Le Monde en Parle.

Co-host Dany Turcotte asked Trudeau if he would send his kids to school if he lived in Quebec. Quebec schools are scheduled to re-open on May 11, except those in Montreal, which will re-open May 19. Returning to class is voluntary.

Trudeau hesitated before saying “I don't know” and adding “It's going to be an extremely personal decision for many parents.”

Trudeau said his children attend a Franco-Ontarian public school that is not scheduled to re-open but that if had to make a decision, he would see what arrangements and plans the school had in place, as well as how the teachers feel.

He added he would likely make his decision “at the last minute.”

The prime minister said he's seen surveys showing parent anxiety has been high throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It's so tough for parents,” he said.

Quebec's schools have been closed since March 13.

This report by Press Canadienne was first published May 3, 2020.