Former teacher Tania Pontbriand's defence team continued to call witnesses to the stand in a St-Jerome courtroom Monday, where they maintained she did nothing inappropriate at Rosemere High School.

Pontbriand is accused of sexually exploiting a teenage boy during a two-year period a decade ago.

Several former teachers and students testified that the former phys. ed. teacher was known for her generosity towards her students at Rosemere High School.

One fellow teacher told the court that Pontbriand's leadership course, given during outdoor cycling and camping trips, was very popular among students.

Pontbriand's legal team had participants describe the equipment used in the trips, to contradict earlier statements from the alleged victim.

Another student travelled from Toronto to testify that Pontbriand once came to his house to help him with an assignment, as evidence of how dedicated she was to everyone at school.

None of the witnesses testified they saw Pontbriand do anything inappropriate with her then-15-year-old accuser.

The prosecution, however, put one witness to the test Monday.

Brian Paré, 23, told the court how Pontbriand helped him out of a dark period during his high-school years, but under cross-examination, prosecutor Caroline Lafleur confronted Paré about a Facebook page he launched last year in support of his former teacher.

The page had over 100 participants who posted glowing comments about Pontbriand and her years teaching at Rosemere High.

Paré, however, had also written disparaging remarks about the alleged victim, a man he admitted he never met or saw in his life until Monday.