Snow and ice can make for a bad combination in winter.

Just check the accident statistics.

But the risks can be reduced with driving training, such as that done at the ICAR training centre in Mirabel.

Dozens of people from a fleet management company took part in a day-long training course on Thursday, where they learned to spin donuts only when they want to.

Caroline Dupuis was one person who learned how to drive in circles, thanks to professional training.

"I thought i would have been the worst driver but apparently he said I was one of the best ones going around here on the donut," said Dupuis. "So I surprised myself."

"It was really fun," said Jim Halliday, president of a fleet-management company called PHH Canada.

"We had a good time and certainly we learned a few things too."

Chief instructor Jean-Sebastien Sauriol had a few pointers for anyone who thinks they are in danger of going off track while on the road.

He suggests drivers sit close to the steering wheel in order to have more control.

In addition, he says people should "look where you want to go and not where the car is heading to. That's the main cause of accidents."

Sauriol would like to see skid-training be mandatory for all Quebec drivers.