Many tourists want to do more than just sight-see when on vacation in La Belle Province.

People who want to get immersed in Quebec's culture, language, and history can take classes with Alissa Bonneville, where they learn about Quebec over a meal.

"I'm in love with the way we speak French in Quebec, I'm absolutely obsessed with it, so I started this course to teach it to other people who are interested as well," said Bonneville.

She started offering the courses in conjunction with Airbnb, and her course discusses historical tension between francophones and anglophones, how Quebec francophones borrowed words and expressions from the English language, Quebecois expressions and turns of phrase, and swearing in Quebec.

"People don't know what they mean," said Bonneville. "They know it's taboo, that you can't say them, but people really don't know where they come from or what they mean.

While her course began as a way to teach tourists, she's since been contacted by government groups.

"Even from an immigration centre, in Saguenay, to go teach Quebecois culture and language to immigrants," said Bonneville.

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Bonneville can be contacted via email to book lessons.