Toronto police are seeking the help of the public to locate potential victims in the Montreal area of a man who is now facing sexual assault and pimping charges.

Kalib James Rahi, 31, allegedly lured young women in 2016 and 2017 to his dog breeding business based in Laval and then allegedly sexually assaulted them, took photographs of them. He then allegedly posted ads selling the women’s sexual services and forced the women at gunpoint to have sex with clients for money, according to Detective Constable Andy Medeiros, of the Toronto Police Sex Crimes and Human Trafficking Enforcement Team.

"The women that were involved in this were not involved in the sex trade previous to their encounter with Mr. Rahi," said Medeiros. "We're not talking about sex trade workers, we're talking about women that came across Mr. Rahi and, as a result of their initial business relationship, he took advantage of them by sexually assaulting them."

Medeiros says Rahi lured women to his dog breeding business through social media and allegedly assaulted the women during trips to deliver new puppies -- trips that were often to rural locations in Ontario and Quebec.

Rahi has been charged in Ontario with four counts of sexual assault, two counts of procuring to provide sexual services, two counts of advertising another person’s sexual services, two counts of trafficking in persons by recruiting, transporting and harbouring and two counts of exercising control by directing and influencing one’s movements. He is currently being detained.

So far, two women have come forward in Ontario. There is another possible victim in B.C. and one other possible victim in Montreal, although Medeiros said police believe there could be other potential victims.

Toronto police are urging those alleged victims to come forward. Anyone with information is asked to call Toronto police at 416-808-7474, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at on their Facebook Leave a Tip page. Victims can also call Montreal police at 9-1-1 or Info-Crime 514-393-1133.