MONTREAL -- If the drop in temperature, ice on the ground and snow in the air weren't reminders enough, a $200 to $300 fine may be the final nudge if your winter tires aren't installed on your vehicle as of Wednesday.

Dec. 1 is the deadline for all motorized road vehicles in Quebec to be equipped with winter tires to avoid a fine for drivers, and shops that swap tires are busy.

"Absolutely bonkers, absolutely swamped," said Brian Goodleaf, who runs Goodleaf's Auto on Route 138 on Montreal's South Shore. "It's like people calling you on Christmas Eve asking to borrow $100 because they just realized it's Christmas."

Goodleaf's, like many tire shops, is booked solid.

Goodleaf said this year he like many tire shops are dealing with supply shortages due to a spike in tire purchases in addition to supply-chain issues.

"Major tire suppliers are having problems responding to the huge influx of orders," he said. "Tire purchases are through the roof."

As a result, tire prices and shop supplies have risen. Goodleaf said a roll of tire bags doubled, for example, from $40 to $80.

Those purchasing new tires can expect to pay up to 10 per cent more than they did two years ago, and showing up thinking you can purchase a set of tires on the same day might be a fool's errand.

"In early October, Toyo, Goodyear and all the big companies told us that certain sizes will not be available this year due to shipping," said Goodleaf.

The SAAQ provides a few exceptions for those vehicles that do not need winter tires on its website such as motorhomes.