MONTREAL -- The trial of TV personality Eric Salvail took an unusual turn today, with the judge allowing new witnesses to add testimony -- after the trial had already started.

Salvail is fighting charges over alleged incidents that date back to 1993. A colleague has accused him of making repeated unwanted sexual advances towards him in the workplace, including allegedly cornering him in a bathroom and exposing himself.

Earlier in the trial, Salvail took to the stand to defend his credibility, saying he's not "the type of person" to act inappropriately at work.

Crown prosecutors want to respond to that by making their own credibility argument, with the help of three people who describe similar incidents involving Salvail.

The judge has decided he'll allow their testimony to be added, saying it was Salvail himself who brought his own credibility into question.

Salvail has also denied the accusations by calling them "far-fetched."