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This Montreal woman is going bowling for her 100th birthday


Just like she's done for nearly six decades, Eva Rigler laced up her bowling shows and got ready for another game on Tuesday.

The bowler will celebrate her 100th birthday at the Laurentian Lanes in St. Laurent.

"At her 99th birthday, which was quite the event, we planned this," said her daughter Karen Drebert. "And I think all of her colleagues, her bowling teammates, wanted to see it again."

Rigler turns 100 on Wednesday.

She was born in Germany and escaped during the Holocaust. She then lived in England before working as a nurse in Montreal.

She continues to be active as she passes the century mark.

"A year and a half ago, she gave up doing pottery and driving with a little encouraging bit from us," said Drebert. "But she still keeps up her social life and she keeps up this weekly bowling."

Laurentian Lanes owner Howard Grundman admits that it's a rare sight seeing someone Rigler's age tossing balls.

"It's unusual to have a 100-year-old person bowling," he said. "It's becoming more common to turn 100, but it's unusual to combine the two together, and I think it's astonishing."

Her words of wisdom are simple.

"Just carry on," said Rigler. "You know, I'm here on this earth to function, and I managed to function this long. It's a wonderful thing." Top Stories

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