MONTREAL -- Commuters on Montreal’s metro have been taking to social media to find out why it’s suddenly taking them so much longer to get to their destinations.

One metro user says on Friday morning, he noticed the Orange Line was stopping for roughly three to four minutes each time it arrived at a station – but with no explanation from the conductor as to why.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) explains that when there’s some sort of slow down or stoppage, it can affect an entire line.

“To put the trains back on their planned interval – let’s say, three minutes between each train at rush hour…our traffic controllers at the control centre will keep some trains moving,” explained Philippe Déry, a spokesperson for the STM. “Others will be held in place temporarily so we are gradually able to regain an equal distance between each train.”

When it comes to the Orange Line, Déry explains more trains are being added at the Henri-Bourassa station, heading towards the Côte-Vertu station, during rush hour to combat overcrowding. This is causing some pauses for commuters coming in from Laval.

“We need to put temporary regulation measures to ensure metro safety and keep a steady interval between the numerous trains running simultaneously,” Déry said.

“We are working on implementing a solution and will be testing it this winter, but we wish to validate its efficiency before providing further information.”

The public transit agency says it hopes to find a resolution to the long pauses in between stops in early 2020.