Thieves in rural Quebec have stolen tonnes of grain from a farm.

It appears that over the weekend the thieves made their want to a storage silo in Saint-Leonard-d'Aston, located about halfway between Trois Rivieres and Drummondville, and swiped $140,000 worth of corn.

The farmer estimates it would have taken ten large trucks to carry off the 400 tonnes of corn.

In order to get away with their scheme the thieves broke the locks on the gates to the property, and cut power to an alarm system. They also moved surveillance cameras so the extent of their operation would not be observed and recorded.

That indicates the thieves were familiar with the property.

The price of corn leaped 25 percent in July because of a drought in the U.S., and is still at levels that are much higher than historic norms.

With a file from The Canadian Press