MONTREAL -- Fully vaccinated tourists are now welcome back in Quebec, which can only mean one thing: the Clintons have come to visit. 

The Town of Sutton posted a now-deleted photo of the one-time president Bill and former senator and secretary of state Hillary to their Facebook page on Wednesday.

“A nice visit today in Sutton!” they wrote. “Hillary and Bill Clinton, accompanied by Louise Penny, went shopping at Atelier Bouffe.”

The pair have been regular visitors to Quebec in the past few years. In 2017, they vacationed in the Eastern Townships town of North Hatley, along with their daughter Chelsea and two grandchildren. That visit came at the invitation of Penny, their friend and famed author, with whom Hillary has co-authored a novel.

Two years later, Penny posted her own photo to social media, taken during a dinner in North Hatley attended by Bill Clinton and former prime minister Jean Chretien.