Quebec Deputy Premier Genevieve Guilbault apologized Wednesday for public comments she made about former staffers, as she faces growing criticism about her management style.

Particular criticism arose Monday when the CAQ minister responded to three recent staff dismissals, including her former chief-of-staff Alain Lavigne, bluntly saying she did not want to keep on staff people she judged as incompetent.

"I should have used different words Monday to describe the situation," she said Wednesday. "I apologize to those that could have been offended by those words."

Guilbault has been a rising star since she entered politics toppling the Liberal stronghold riding of Louis-Hebert in a landslide by-election in 2017. The win was a foreshadowing of things to come that culminated in Francois Legault's party winning a majority government in 2018.

Guilbault was handed the public security portfolio in addition to being named deputy premier.

Recent media reports include allegations of foul language towards staffers, which her political attaches deny.

Opposition Liberal interim leader Pierre Arcand said Legault should consider taking back the public security portfolio, and that Guilbault lacks managerial qualities she needs to do the job.

"I think that what we have seen so far is certainly a lack of good management," said Arcand.

Guilbault spoke glowingly about her staff and that she is looking forward to telling them how much she appreciates them at the upcoming CAQ caucus.

"I have this incredible chance to work with this team that I love, with MNAs, with ministers, with staff that is extraordinary," said Guilbault. "We will spend three days together in caucus and I will be able to tell them again in person."