Customers are up in arms after an online shopping mix up has turned sour.

The company at the centre of the controversy is major home retailer, The Brick.

From the evening of Dec. 24 until Christmas morning, the store’s online customers were accidently given an additional discount of 50 per cent on all items placed inside their virtual carts.

On Dec. 26, the company posted a message to its Facebook page, apologizing for the confusion. The statement said the company is working to contact affected customers to advise them of the correct cost of their purchases – but that it does not intend to honour the erroneous discounts.

Instead, the company will offer customers 10 per cent of their affected purchases back as credit towards their next purchase at The Brick.

Shehryar Khan is one of those who feels that the Brick should honour its sale. He found a $400 home dining set on the Brick’s website and was delighted to find that it was reduced by half.

"Whether they have processed the money or not, as far as I am concerned, that's their headache. I have written confirmation, I'm the owner," he said.

The Brick maintains that it is within its rights to refuse to honour the sale.

A representative from The Brick told CTV Montreal that, "we take the position that his order is placed, we have the right to choose to proceed with that order and we choose to proceed at the price at which he originally selected the price."

A Facebook posting describing the event had attracted 80 comments, many from unsatisfied customers, voicing their frustration with the way the company had responded to its error.

Quebec’s Consumer Protection Office said that The Brick appears to be legally bound to follow through with the discounts, whether they were made in error or not.  When customers received a confirmation email of their purchase, it serves as a contract that the company should honour.

The officials said that if The Brick does not change their stance on the matter, customers can send a legal notice or try to take The Brick to small claims court.

In a separate case this week Delta Airlines accidentally sold seats at a lower price than it intended but it said that it would honour those sales.