MONTREAL -- For months, graffiti-plastered plywood covered the windows of one of Montreal's most iconic restaurants, but rumours of Beauty's demise have been grossly exaggerated.

On Saturday, after 15 months of no activity, the blintzes were back as the luncheonette re-opened its doors.

“It's thrilling and it's terrifying,” said manager Elana Sckolnick.

Like all restaurants in Montreal, Beauty's was unable to open its dining room for much of the pandemic. Management used that time to renovate, including a new sign.

“It was a silver lining, so to speak,” said owner Larry Sckolnick. “It was tough being closed, but we had the opportunity.”

Throughout the closure, the Sckolnick family had to deal with the fears among the public that their beloved institution, which has fed Montrealers for almost 80 years, would never re-open.

“Every day, I would spend at least half an hour answering messages,” said Elana Sckolnick.