The Humane Society International has been waging a war against the slaughter and consumption of dogs in Korea.

Around 80 dogs will be rescued from the 15th South Korean dog meat farm shut down since 2015, and transported to Montreal for critical care and eventual adoption.

"They are still in their cages and waiting to be transported to Canada," said Humane Society campaign manager Emilie-Lune Sauve.

Sauve said the process of shutting down the farms is done in partnership with the people running them, as the practice of using dogs for culinary purposes continues to decrease.

"The human consumption of dog meat is increasingly controversial now in South Korea so it's the local population there that makes pressure," said Sauve. "Many farmers want to get out of this industry, so what we're offering them is a partnership to transition to a more humane and sustainable industry."

A recent poll showed that around 70 per cent of the population in Korea does not eat dog meat and that the younger generation is generally against the practice.

The rescued dogs destined for Montreal are coming from Gyeongii-do province in South Korea and will be transported to the Humane Society's emergency shelter in Montreal for care and rehabilitation before being adopted out.

"Basically they will learn to be a dog again because they never had a chance to play or to know love and to trust," said Sauve.

Sauve said most dogs are scared, but that most stories end in a happy ending with a family welcoming a new pet into their lives.

Those wanting to adopt a dog can go to for more information.