A group of tenants in Park Ex say living conditions are unbearable and they want the city to step in.

Abdul Waheed recorded video of water pouring from the ceiling and cockroaches in the kitchen within the last month, and he wants something done about the unbearable conditions.

"It's like living in hell," said Waheed, who has lived in the apartment building for almost four years.

"The main problem is the presence of cockroaches. You can collect cockroaches in tons from any apartment almost," he said. "There are so many cockroaches sometimes we feel embarrassed if we invite guests, friends, (or) family (to our) home."

Though he's corresponded with his landlord, little has been done about the problems.

"The good thing about (the) landlord is that he says, 'yes. I will take care,' but this is a kind of lip-service. He never actually fixes the problems," said Waheed, who has notified the borough about the issues.

Shahida James is another tenant, whose apartment is also unbearable.

"It's full of mould; every window, even in closets, (and) my washroom," she said. "My kitchen is so dirty."

City Councillor Mary Deros said the city will follow up on the issue after the long weekend.

"We give fines to the landlord and they double in amounts when the deadline is not met by the owners," said Deros, who added that the borough can have tenants relocated while work is being completed.

Waheed's rent is $560 a month and is interested in relocating, but knows he isn't likely to find another apartment for the same price.

"Unfortunately, the rent in this area now has augmented many folds," he said.

CTV News contacted the landlord, who said the building doesn't have any serious problem and an extermination company is working on the building. He also said renovations are taking place.

"It's imperative that the services tighten the screws on the case and force the owner to take action," said Deros.