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Temperature hits 29 degrees in Montreal, breaks record

Quebecers got smacked with a heavy dose of sun and heat this week as temperatures rose to record heights.

Montreal surpassed the record of 26.7 degrees Celsius set in 2005 on Wednesday when the mercury hit 29C.

On Tuesday, the city tied the record for heat at 26.7, which was set in 1953.

The unseasonably warm temperatures have many concerned about a warming climate.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Jean-Philippe Begin said big jumps and dips in temperatures are normal for the local climate.

What's unusual, he said, is the heat.

"What's coming from studies on climate change is we can expect more extremes as a whole," he said. "Events are likely to be more extreme in the future."

In 2021, the first half of October was the warmest on record.

"We had temperatures up to 24-25 degrees in 2021 so it was still warm but not as hot as it is now," said Begin.

Montreal's seven-day forecast starting on Oct. 4, 2023.

Those needing a break from the heat can take comfort in the predicted temperature drop on Friday, with rain coming for the long weekend.

Next week, temperatures could be below seasonal averages.

"Expect temperatures in the 10-15 degrees range, so quite a drop," said Begin. Top Stories

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