MONTREAL -- Montreal police (SPVM) has arrested two people in relation to two separate shooting incidents in the western boroughs of the city.

One of the shootings occurred in the borough of LaSalle on July 7; the other took place in Saint-Laurent on July 11.

"The two events are not related," the force emphasizes. "A third suspect, not related to the two previous events, was also arrested for possession of a prohibited weapon following information received."

According to police, at 2:49 p.m. on July 7, 2021, a driver pulled his Range Rover pulled into the parking lot of his passenger's home.

While the driver was still in the vehicle, the suspect, Hammed Berberi, 25, allegedly got out of his black Mercedes, pointed his firearm and said to the driver: "money, money, money."

The victim then fled the scene. Police say the suspect chased him, firing several shots and hitting him with a projectile.

Berberi was arrested on July 22 and remains in custody.

"A .22 calibre handgun was also seized at the time of his arrest," Montreal police said. "He appeared in court and is facing charges of attempted murder, breach of probation and possession of a prohibited firearm."

In a separate incident on July 11, a dispute broke out between two people.

"After discussion, they agreed to meet in the Saint-Laurent area," Montreal police explain. "The victim got into the suspect's vehicle. The suspect's abnormal behaviour made the victim fear that something was about to happen. As the suspect turned towards the back of the vehicle to retrieve an object, the victim got out, but was shot in the back."

The suspect, Mehdi Mohamed Zaoui, 32, was arrested on July 15 in the Toronto area by York Regional Police.

He appeared in court on charges of attempted murder, discharging a firearm and breach of a restraining order; he remains in custody.

In addition, on July 23, Montreal police arrested Nathaniel Pierre, 36, following a tip from the public.

"A search warrant for his residence, as well as two vehicles, was then executed," the force said. "A loaded .12-gauge sawed-off firearm was found inside one of the vehicles, as well as five rounds of ammunition."

Pierre appeared in court on various charges, including unauthorized possession of a firearm and carrying a weapon for dangerous purposes.

These arrests are the latest in the force's attempt to "make gun violence a priority."

Anyone with information about these or any other violent crimes is asked to contact Info-Crime Montreal anonymously and confidentially at 514 393-1133 or online