MONTREAL -- A recent survey found that just over eight-in-10 Canadians are up for another jab and would be willing to take a booster shot after their first two COVID-19 vaccine doses within the next year.

The survey from the Association for Canadian Studies (ACS) found that even in the 18-24 age range, the majority (74 per cent) of those asked said they would be willing to get a booster shot to increase the body's antibody response to a virus after the immune system has been "primed" by the first two doses.

Those over 65 were most positive about a booster shot at 92 per cent.

For those who have already received two doses, 93 per cent said they'd be up for a booster, while 83 per cent of those who have received a first vaccine said they would go for a booster.

The survey was conducted between July 16-18 online and asked 1,529 Canadians. 

Israel is considering giving a third Pfizer vaccine to people over 60 to fend off the Delta variant, while U.S. and European authorities are considering whether booster shots are needed. Pfizer, meanwhile, is seeking emergency authorization in the U.S. for a third dose of its vaccine.

Canada has reported 8,117 Delta variant cases across the country, including 241 cases in Quebec.