A promising new theory by Italian doctor Paolo Zamboni has created hope among sufferers of multiple sclerosis.

Zamboni believes MS symptoms stem from abnormal blood flow out of the brain and can be alleviated by surgery.

Zamboni spoke at a convention of the American Academy of Neurology in Toronto Wednesday, while the MS Society held a concurrent information forum in Montreal to discuss his treatment.

More proof is needed to create a link between the disease and poor blood drainage from the brain, said Dr. Mirc Girard, head of the Quebec Association of Neurologists.

"There's an association, certainly, because the patients with MS have more blocked veins than normal patients but it's not, it's not proof that it is the cause of MS at this point," said Girard.

Doctor urges Canadians to consider the treatment

Zamboni urged neurologists in Toronto Wednesday to consider the new procedure on those with an aggressive, increasingly debilitating form of MS.

"Based on the safety of the study we presented I invite the neurologists to consider the opportunity to offer directly this kind of treatment under compassionate ground," said Zamboni.

While there is currently no research or surgery in Quebec on the new procedure, an announcement is expected by June on a research program in Montreal to delve further into the theory.

MS sufferers await further studies

One of as many as 15,000 Quebecers with MS, Eve Deschenes, 45, said she's excited, though skeptical, by what appears to be a breakthrough.

"Let's find out more and see if it's valid and truth, then let's do the procedures that could be done," said Deschenes, who has suffered from the condition for ten years.

MS comes in multiple forms, and for Deschenes, she has periods when she cannot walk, or loses all sensation in her face.

Deschenes said she's waiting on more proof of Zamboni's theories.

"That's what science is all about," said Deschenes.