MONTREAL--Nadine Ishak takes a look at festive offerings during the holiday season and a few great gifts if you're a last-minute shopper.

The Spice Station at 74 Bernard Ave. or 5610 Monkland Ave. are essential locations for any budding home cook, with 55 varieties of salt and rare finds like ghost peppers.

If you are looking for something ready-made, the Preservation Society specializes at small batch preserves with goodies like tangerine jam.

For those interested in sustainable gifts, a basket of fresh, locally-grown produce can be picked up at Lufa Farms.

Shopping for someone with a sweet tooth and a nut allergy? Head to Baking Sweet in the West Island and pick up something festive, like gingerbread.

Finally, grab brunch and drop some tickets for the upcoming Montreal Highlights Festival, you won't regret it.