Students at Lauren Hill Academy in Saint-Laurent have made broadcast history by having the first high school Internet radio station in Canada.

On Nov. 1, they launched LHA Radio: The Voice, with all the content on the station provided by students.

Formerly an in-house broadcast, moving to the Internet was a big step toward a bigger audience.

“People at home, people at work and people even driving their cars can listen to us on their apps,” on on the school’s website, said student radio host William Chin.

The radio program at Lauren Hill Academy was started a decade ago by history teacher Louis Bilodeau, who said it has always been his dream to give the students a larger platform.

“It is very exciting. Also, a little bit stressful, but extremely positive so far. The students are working with me, so it feels like a team effort,” he said.

Programming will feature news from the school and community, as well as sports updates and music.

Students will also try their hand at interviewing, some because they aspire to careers in broadcasting, and others, like Kayla Marendis, who simply wants to break out of her comfort zone.

“I want to be open more and do more public speaking,” she said.

To tune in to LHA Radio: The Voice, click here.