A teenaged boy was arrested and a pellet gun was seized Monday afternoon at a high school in Laval.

According to the Laval School Board, classes were suspended at École Mont-de-La Salle in the Laval-des-Rapides district for a "preventive police operation" that took place Monday afternoon. Students remained in school during the operation.

An altercation broke out between two students and upon viewing security footage of the fight, administrators noticed a student holding what appeared to be a handgun, said Laval policespokesperson Frédéric Jean.

Laval police were called to the school  on des Prairies Blvd. at lunch time and conducted a thorough search of the school -- including common areas, lockers, bathrooms and corridors -- to search for a weapon, while administrators identified the suspect. Police asked teachers to keep all students in their classrooms while the operation took place.

The boy handed the air gun over to police.

At no time was the gun used in a threatening manner, said Jean.

Police are investigating.

Charges could be brought against the student.

With files from The Canadian Press

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