A plan to revitalize an intersection in St-Henri is drawing criticism from some business owners.

Of particular concern is the part of the plan that, as of Monday, turned Rose-de-Lima St. into a one-way street northbound.

The intersection of Rose-de-Lima and Notre-Dame St. is being reconfigured mainly for safety reasons.

The borough said it wants to calm traffic in the area and increase safety for children crossing to go to school.

Merchants led by business owner Peter Sergakis say they only found out about the change of direction on Tuesday.

Southwest Borough Mayor Benoit Dorais seemed to face a lot of ire at a meeting Monday mainly attended by business owners.

Sergakis argued that if the street must become a one-way, it should become a one-way southbound to benefit drivers coming from Highway 720 and the Atwater area.

At least one business owner seemed to agree with the change because, she said, she was aware of it.

“I've gone to all the consultations. I've gone to all the meetings. I've got the updates from the SDC. I was 100 per cent aware that this was happening. I don't know that you can say that it's not happening unless you haven't been involved in going to the meetings,” she said.

Sergakis has hired an engineer to report on the safety of Rose-de-Lima as a one-way southbound street.

There is no indication at this point if Mayor Dorais will change the plan.