MONTREAL- Men's University basketball playoffs begin on Wednesday Feb. 29, and once again the Concordia Stingers are leading the pack.

They are the #1 seed in the Quebec Conference, and with a veteran-laced lineup the team has high expectations.

"It's exciting," said head coach John Dore. "We've won that little battle. We're looking to win the war now."

James Clark and Decee Krah are both in their fifth and final year of playing for the team.

But even though they have conference championship titles from 2009 and 2011, they hope to get one more.

"As cliche as this is time does fly," said Clark. "It feels like last year when I was starting out, now I'm in my senior year, fifth year, it's crazy how fast it's been."

"I'm not going to be here again so just going to appreciate it and appreciate the situation I'm in with my teammates and coaches," said Krah. "I just gotta love it, soak in it and enjoy the moment."

The first game of the post-season is Wednesday night when the Stingers play host to number four ranked Laval University.