Police say a man who was speeding in Montreal lost control of his car, crashed, and died.

The incident began around 10 p.m. Monday as the Surete du Quebec tried to stop a car that was speeding east through the Ville Marie tunnel. Police say the driver hit a squad car as he tried to exit the Expressway, then hit the sidewalk and lost control of his vehicle.

SQ officer Gregory Gomez Del Prado said that officers did not try to chase the car because their own vehicle was damaged.

The car rolled through a fence and came to rest in a ditch next to a train shipping yard on Notre Dame Blvd. near De Lorimier Ave., under the Jacques Cartier Bridge. The impact was so severe the car's hood was ripped off.

Urgences Sante workers pronounced the driver dead at the scene.

Because of the man's death the Montreal police department took over the investigation.