The SPCA is spearheading a criminal investigation into a video which appears to involve a man training two dogs to attack a boar on a farm.

The video is said to have been shot in Saint-Anicet, Que., not far from the United States border on the South Shore. 

In the video, the boar is visibly distressed as it’s violently attacked by the dogs.

The SPCA says it received a complaint regarding the video, prompting the organization to open an investigation, writing in a statement to CTV that it’s taking the matter “very seriously.”

“The Montreal SPCA's Investigations Division has received a formal complaint in relation to footage of a wild boar being attacked by hunting dogs and stabbed,” read the statement.

“We have opened a criminal investigation and are taking the situation very seriously.”

The SPCA said it wasn’t able to share further details since the investigation is underway.