The criminal case against two Montrealers facing terror-related charges is drawing to a close.

On Monday, as the Crown ended its case, a charge of facilitating a terrorist act was withdrawn.

Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali still face three charges of attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act, possession of explosives, and committing an act to profit a terrorist organization.

The crown's witnesses have presented the case that the couple were planning to detonate a bomb, fly to Syria, and join the Islamic State.

After Monday's decision to drop one charge Djermane and Jamali's lawyers conferred with their clients and returned to inform the judge they would not present a defence against the remaining charges.

On Dec. 4 the Crown and the defence will make closing arguments, at which point the jury will begin deliberations.

Meanwhile Judge Marc David released one juror from their duty on Monday for what Judge Marc David called "deeply personal" and justifiable reasons.

Because two spare jurors were dismissed on the first day of the trial, that leaves 11 to decide the fate of Jamali and Djermane.

Jamali and Djermane were arrested in April 2015 and have been in custody ever since.