MONTREAL -- Loaves of bread from a Montreal bakery could contain pieces of wood and should not be eaten, the provincial ministry of agriculture, fisheries and food announced on Friday.

The bakery, Boulangerie Elmont, on rue Durocher, distributes breads to stores across the province.

The following products, if they have a best before date of 01/23/20 or earlier, are subject to recall:

  • "Pain aux Oignons" (onion bread)
  • "Pain Campagnard" (country bread)
  • "Pain de Mais" (cornbread)
  • "Pain de Seigle noir" (black rye bread)
  • "Pain Hongrois" (Hungarian bread)
  • "Pain Kimmel"
  • "Pain noir" (black bread)
  • "Pain Russe" (Russian bread)

They were sold at room temperature and were labelled "Boulangerie Elmont Baker." They were also marked with a white, rectangular sticker bearing the best before date.

Anyone who has one of the units listed is asked to return it to the store where they bought it.