Many devout Christians took part in pilgrimages on Good Friday to mark one of the most solemn religious days of the calendar year.

One group marched through the Old Port to participate in the Stations of the Cross, singing, praying and contemplating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The ritual is an attempt to recreate ancient traditions, according to one archbishop.

"The history of the Way of the Cross is that, historically, people would go to Jerusalem to walk in the footsteps of the passion of Jesus Christ. But at times it wasn't possible to go there so they started to have the Way of the Cross in their own cities,” said Christian Lepine of the Archdiocese of Montreal.

One young man explained his motivation to participate as purely spiritual.

β€œIt brings me closer to the walk of Jesus Christ on this earth and Jesus Christ walking toward us. We walk with him because he walks with us,” said Andre Tawil, who carried the cross.