MONTREAL - Montrealers elected Mayor Valerie Plante two years ago today.

She took office amid a stream of promises to improve public transport, increase the availability of affordable housing and make Montreal a more bike-friendly city.

How has she done as mayor? Watch Paul Karwatsky's interview with Mayor Plante above for more.

The mayor weighed in on her experience leading the city and on last week's Halloweengate fiasco.

Plante said her decision to postpone Halloween due to weather was a hard decision.

"It was not based on my own opinions. It's because the police officers and also the department said because of the predictions of the big winds and the rain--they were supposed to be at the same time--it would be pretty risky."

The number of public servants working for the city was sometimes hard to manage, Plante said, but she was proud that during her time as mayor, the city has built more social housing.

"I don't want to have a city like Toronto or Vancouver, where only certain kinds of people can afford [to live in] the city," she said.