BEAUHARNOIS -- A Quebecer who sells used cars has just about had it with winter and the "For Sale" sign attached to the giant snowbank on his dealership's parking lot is a pretty good indication.

Claude Dumaresq took out a can of spray paint last Thursday and slapped the advertisement on the massive mound of snow, which takes up the space of nine vehicles.

The pile has been encroaching on more and more of his parking lot with each successive snowfall and now even blocks one of the dealership's garage doors.

Dumaresq says there's no real asking price and is meant as a joke, but word of the stunt and a picture on Facebook have made the rounds, first online and then in the local paper and on local television.

"I did it as a joke for my family and friends and it kind of went from there," he said Monday.

Dumaresq adds anyone who wants it is more than welcome and some people have jokingly made offers, willing to pick it up in May or even July.

But it won't be around that long as Dumaresq expects he'll have the pile removed in the coming week.

The Greater Montreal area has been hit with heavy snow so far this winter, with the City of Montreal to open an emergency dump site at the former Blue Bonnets racetrack.