Some customers of Avalanche snow removers are beginning to receive partial refunds, while others who cancelled their contracts are still waiting on their cheques.

Clients of the Pointe Claire snow removal company demanded refunds last month after they say they didn't receive any service.

The company conceded to providing partial refunds to those who cancelled their contracts.

"They sent us back our post-dated cheque for Dec. 30th which they have not cashed," said Cindy Blue, who was awaiting a $200 return after she said she received no service from Avalanche.

"They have not refunded us our initial $100 that we paid back in October," she explained.

Along with her cheque came a copy of her contract, she said, with a highlighted section, reading: The first payment is not refundable if the customer cancels the contract for any reason.

"So that's pretty all encompassing," said Blue.

Still, Blue fared better than ex-client Gerald Loh, who demanded a refund before Christmas and was told it was on its way.

"No cheque, nothing. Nothing whatsoever," he said. "I'm going to send them a letter, a demand letter, asking for my money back, giving them ten days and then we'll go to court."

An employee at Avalanche told CTV News: "They got what they got... (or) they are getting. It's processed. Everything is processed."