MONTREAL – The city’s first snowfall could come sooner than expected.

Environment Canada states there is a chance of flurries that could touch the Montreal area as early as Wednesday night.

But that’s not the end of it; the weather agency is predicting wet snow and rain for Thursday, followed by a chance of flurries on Friday as the temperature dips below freezing.

Book your tire appointments

If you haven’t already changed your winter tires, you may want to book an appointment soon.

Drivers in Quebec must have winter tires on as of Dec. 1, but it’s recommended to do it earlier to accommodate unpredictable weather.

“As soon as the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, or when there is ice or snow on the road, the rubber compound of summer and all-season tires hardens and loses its grip,” the SAAQ explains.

“Moreover, the treads on summer tires are not designed to hold snow like those on winter tires.”

Car owners who don’t comply with the law could pay a fine starting at $200.

Staying safe on the roads

The SAAQ is also offering several tips to help you stay safe during the annual winter wonderland:

  • Put together a winter supply kit (snow brush, ice scraper, windshield washer fluid, shovel, etc.) and keep it in your vehicle at all times,
  • Be cautious when running your car inside a carport or garage as carbon monoxide is toxic,
  • Completely remove all snow and ice from your vehicle before hitting the road (if you don’t, you could receive a fine),
  • Once on the road, slow down and keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you, especially on slippery roads or in conditions of poor visibility. Watch out for black ice, even if it is nice out,
  • Always turn on your headlights and low beams when it is dark out,
  • If possible, reschedule your trip if road conditions are poor.