Consumers should be aware that more and more of their smart devices are listening to private conversations, and sometimes human operators are tuning in as well.

The Amazon Echo, Google Now, and Apple Siri are listening at all times for keywords such as "Siri" or "Hey Google" to send that information to servers that often have human operators manning them.

Google employees were caught listening in on private conversations earlier this year, and Amazon and Apple contractors have also been busted. Microsoft contractors were caught Wednesday listening to personal conversations through Skype's translation service.

CJAD host Elias Makos explains that it's easy for an AI to be trained and do a decent job, but humans are needed to perfect the technology. The key, he says, is to check privacy settings to check if contractors can connect your voice to personal account information.

"For every company, I think what needs to stop is tying recordings to specific individuals," said Makos. "Once it goes to the cloud, it should be anonymized."

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