Embattled MNA Gerry Sklavounos will not return to the Liberal caucus.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard said Tuesday that the members of his party have spoken.

"It's a very clear decision. There's no time frame attached to it. There's no reconsideration that is planned, and the caucus has been very clear about that," said Couillard.

The chair of the Liberal caucus, Nicole Menard, said the party isn't going to discuss specific reasons for its decision.

"It was confidential. I received some calls, and I was informed of different facts. And for sure I won't talk to you about those," said Menard.

Sklavounos returned to the National Assembly Tuesday, nearly two weeks after the Crown concluded that he had not committed any criminal act.

The MNA for Laurier-Dorion wanted to be reinstated in the Liberal caucus, but understands that will not happen.

"I accept the decision," said Sklavounos.

Aside from the sexual assault claims levelled against him by Alice Paquet, there were also reports of inappropriate behaviour toward women at the National Assembly.

No formal complaint has been filed against him, but several anonymous people came forward to say he made inappropriate comments and gestures.

Sklavounos apologized last week, saying he is an extrovert and a clown, but said he never realized that his actions and statements made people uncomfortable.

Members of the opposition say they were opposed to his return to the National Assembly, and in particular to the Liberal party's caucus.

Couillard said Sklavounos's public statement following his return to the legislature didn't meet his expectations.

"We were expecting it to be more introspective, I would say. What it means for himself as a man, as an individual, how he feels about others," said Couillard.

Sklavounos' return is not going unnoticed.

On Wednesday evening a demonstration is scheduled to take place outside the National Assembly.

Organizers say they are denouncing what they call the rape culture of the National Assembly.

Among the protesters wlil be Paquet, the woman whose accusations of sexual assault regarding Sklavounos were determined to be unfounded.