Some of the world’s best Roller Derby athletes are in Montreal this weekend, trying to shove and rollerskate their way to Women’s Flat Track Derby Association championship.

While much of the focus is on winning, Sara ‘Gloom’ Kaiser of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association said the sport hasn’t forgotten its roots in political activism.

“We’ve committed to lifting up marginalized people, people who are not focused on by society, people often overlooked,” she said.

Among the teams competing are two with no geographic loyalty, but members from far and wide. Team Inidgenous and the Jewish Roller Derby Club played each other in an exhibition match on Saturday.

“We’re borderless nations, representing the people of our ancestors who survived,” said Team Indigenous athlete Sognar. “Kept believing, kept pursuing and somehow we ended up here.”

“Even though our teams are really different we’re actually extremely similar,” said Kili of the Jewish Roller Derby Club. “Our people have been through exile and persecution.”

The championship final will by be played on Sunday at Complexe Sportif Claude-Robillard.