MONTREAL - A scofflaw who made public a videotape of himself committing driving offenses has been slapped with fines.

The young man, who is identified on social media as Pat Mondoux, is seen running red lights and not wearing a seat belt, all the while screaming at the camera in various semi-comprehensible rants. 

The Laval police figured out who he was and slapped him with a $365 fine and nine demerit points.

The driver is seen babbling, swearing and screaming at an adjacent police car.

On other videos, some since taken off the internet, he is seen pulling such pranks as supposedly eating cocaine on toast.

The Laval police explained how they tracked down their cyber-suspect.

"We had a name on YouTube ‘Pat Mondoux.' We used that name to check with the SAAQ office and check when he went to the SAAQ to get his picture done for the drivers license," said Stephane Pilon of the Laval Police.

They tracked him down Wednesday afternoon and charged him with running a red light, not wearing a seat belt and operating a cell phone while driving.

Laval police say they're going to keep watching out for videotaped miscreants.

"We don't like that anymore," said Pilon. "So we are going to investigate any action like that."

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