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'She was the random victim': Son speaks out after mom's fatal stabbing in Laval


Nearly two weeks after 46-year-old Irina Draghicescu was killed, flowers are placed at the scene where she died in Laval last month.

Police say the woman was stabbed repeatedly while going for a walk in a park on May 29.

"There's not a single minute that passes that I don't think about her," said her son, Robert Draghicescu.

He has decided to speak about what happened. He lived with his mother in their Laval apartment for 22 years.

"I've been living with a sense of emptiness in my body. There's something missing, and there's also something missing where I live because there used to be somebody always with me and now this, this person is gone," he said.

He says police told him it was a random attack.

"It was shocking to know that it was just a random attack. As simple as that. It could have been anybody. And my mother didn't have enemies, so she was the random victim," he said.

Laval police arrested 20-year-old Konstantinos Tsagaroulis, who is facing a charge of first-degree murder. The accused is back in court on June 20.

Draghicescu is unsure if he wants to attend future court procedures.

"For me, he doesn’t deserve to be in my line of sight. I’ve seen his face on videos and photos but to see him in real life that would be something different," he said.

Relatives have set up a GoFundMe to help raise money for the cost of the funeral for Irina, who leaves behind two children.

"I've been the voice for many other people. Like I said, everybody is shocked. Everybody. Many people don't have the courage or the strength anymore to talk in front of a camera but I'll be the voice for them," the grieving son said.

"And I'll also be the voice for my mom," he said. "She can't just pass away and nobody talks for her. And I'll be the one who talks." Top Stories

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