Ever had an excuse not to exercise? Lillian Warren is the antidote.

At 91 years old, the spry swimmer from Dorval has just completed the women's 1,500-metre freestyle swim -- a race that no woman her age has ever completed.

The new world-record holder is no slouch. She spends 90 minutes, three days a week swimming laps with the Dollard des Ormeaux Masters' Club, where, she's been described as the "Michael Phelps of 90 year-olds."

"Lillian, being the competitor that she is, was bound and determined to get that swim on the record books for herself, so I'm very, very excited about it," said DDO Masters' Club President Kathleen Malcius.

The feisty senior finished the 60-lap race at the St. Patrick's Day Swim Meet in just over 50 minutes, beating her personal best time. Still, Warren said, there's room for improvement.

"Well I thought it was terrible. The swimming was awful, my turns were terrible," she said.

Her modesty didn't dissuade fans from hugging her and snapping pictures; Warren has become quite the celebrity at the local pool.

"Wonderful. I can't believe that she did that. She's a really good swimmer," said a young swim fan, watching Warren do laps of front crawl and backstroke.

Warren shrugs off the admiration and says the record doesn't mean she'll stop swimming any time soon.

In fact, now she has a new goal: "I'd like somebody my age to swim it and give me competition," she said.