Many sexual assaults could be avoided if issues of consent are made entirely clear, a fact that has inspired McGill University to devote next week to helping people avoid the high stake perils of misunderstandings.

The #consentmcgill campaign has already hit social media and next week will see workshops, movie screenings, discussions and information booths hit campus to promote the “ask, listen and respect,” message.

Bianca Tetrault, who was charged with setting up the initiative said that interest has run high.

“I was shocked, I didn’t realize how big it was going to get. Two hours after posting the Facebook page, we got 900 followers,” said Tetrault, McGill Sexual Assault Response Coordinator.

Tetrault said that message of respectful communication is one that needs to be promoted and many on campus agree.

"Both women and men need to know about this. It's a communal campaign,” said McGill student Chrissa Zarafonitis.

Another student said that the campaign should help prevention awareness.

“I think by creating this campaign they're promoting the message that they're not going to let thing like this happen in the community,” McGill student Brandon McCool told CTV Montreal.

A similar initiative, using the same "ask, listen and respect" catchphrase proved to be a success at Concordia University last month.