The implementation of mandatory sex education classes, scheduled to begin in September in all elementary and secondary schools, may be compromised due to improper planning. 

Teachers' unions believe that the Ministry of Education has still not done its homework - neglecting to provide the training required to properly teach the subject. 

Under these circumstances, the Federation of Teachers' Unions (FSE), supported by the group Profs en Mouvement, believe that teachers will simply not be ready to take on the additional responsibility come September. 

They're requesting that the Quebec government postpone the implementation of sex education at school.

The FSE will reccomend to its members not to agree to provide sex ed if they feel they have not received the proper training. 

"The teachers tell us: for us, it did not happen - we did not start to have this training and we don't know what kind of training we will receive," FSE president Josee Scalabrini said in a press conference Wednesday.