MONTREAL -- Emily Hampshire may be famous now, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten her old stomping grounds in Pointe-Claire.

And when the Schitt’s Creek star got a small request from a childhood friend, she seized the moment to send back a love letter to area that helped raise her.

Lindsay Reid, Hampshire’s old friend, is a teacher at Evergreen Elementary School in St-Lazare. She asked through Instagram if the actress would consider sending a video message to her colleagues for staff appreciation week at Lester B. Pearson schools.

They had a fan club for Schitt’s Creek, she explained in the message. And they’ve been having a rough fall, so anything to help raise spirits would be good.

Hampshire did more than that—she gave extensive shout-outs, putting together a video the teachers say they never would have expected.

“I was nervous before I watched the video, but it kind of felt like we were about to meet her—just to have a personal message from somebody,” said one kindergarten teacher, Caroline Chevrier.

It was a reminder that even when kids grow up, and even if they make it big, many still think often of the teachers who nurtured them.

“You can tell she respects teachers so much, and feel like they made her life,” Chevrier said.

Watch the video above to see the full television report.