MONTREAL -- SAQ workers have rejected the agreement in principle their union reached last week, meaning they may be back on strike.

The 800 workers had temporarily suspended their strike while they waited to vote, but now it's unclear if they'll be stay on the job while their negotiators head back to the table.

The tentative agreement was reached on Nov. 29, last Monday, the union CUPE wrote in a release on Dec. 6.

"The agreement was presented to a general meeting and the employees rejected the agreement by 86 per cent," CUPE said.

The union represents all 800 warehouse and delivery workers for the liquor-control Crown corporation. Their walk-off left many SAQ outlets' shelves bare.

“We had suspended a strike in order to give negotiations one last chance," said Michael Gratton, a union advisor for CUPE.

After the rejection vote, "we will meet tomorrow morning with the executive committee of the union to determine what our next actions will be. Obviously, we will also contact the employer," Gratton said.

The union said its representatives won't be giving any interviews until they have set their action plan.