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Sante Quebec transition committee to meet for first time

Two doctors look at an x-ray. (Credit: Gustavo Fring/ Two doctors look at an x-ray. (Credit: Gustavo Fring/

Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé says the Santé Québec transition committee will meet for the first time this Friday.

In a press release, Dubé explains that the committee's short-term mandate will be to advise the Ministry of Health on what steps it must take to establish a gradual transition of the ministry's operations to Santé Québec.

Committee members have also been asked to anticipate and implement measures to ensure that staff and managers experience a smooth transition.

The committee, made up of eleven members, has been asked to publish progress reports every four months for transparency.

As the work progresses, other members may be added or consulted for their expertise in various issues.

The creation of Santé Québec is one of the major components of the province's health care reform, Bill 15, which was passed by the National Assembly after the government invoked closure on Dec. 9.

Under the terms of the law, Santé Québec will be responsible for coordinating network operations, while the ministry will remain in charge of major operations.

Members of the transition committee include a physician, several former heads of government health authorities and user representatives.

-- This report by The Canadian Press was first published in French on Jan. 11, 2024. Top Stories

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