A referendum will be held on July 16 in Saint-Apollinaire near Quebec City, about a proposed zoning change that would allow for a Muslim cemetery to be built.

Enough residents’ signatures were collected Wednesday at a register in town hall to force the procedure.

About 60 people who live in the ​​Saint-Apollinaire area will be able to participate.

The small town was required to open a register last month after about 40 people opposed to the Muslim cemetery project came forward to block a possible change to the zoning.

Saint-Apollinaire Mayor Bernard Ouellet favours the zoning change.

The referendum will be decided on a 50 per cent plus one basis.

The cemetery project was initiated by the Quebec Islamic Centre and comes in the wake of the shooting in a Quebec City mosque that led to the deaths of six men.

There are no Muslim cemeteries in the Quebec City area, leading the local community to seek to establish one.

With files from The Canadian Press