For the past half century, music fans have been tuning into CHOM 97.7 FM to get their fill of loud guitars and rock ’n roll attitude. On Monday, the station will celebrate its 50th birthday but CHOM has no intention of getting old.

Program director Mathew Wood said the connection with listeners is still as vibrant as the days when classic albums like The Who’s ‘Tommy’ were first getting spun on-air.

“The energy is amazing, the radio station has a unique connection with listeners,” he said. “If you ever had to go to war, you’d want to bring CHOM listeners with you.”

When CHOM celebrated its first 25 years the party was held at the Spectrum. Among those present was Jason Rockman, singer of Montreal rock band and CHOM Esprit talent contest Slaves on Dope. In the years since then Rockman has become CHOM’s popular evening DJ.

Long-time DJ Randy Renaud said the station has provided the soundtrack for generations of music lovers, a tradition that will be celebrated at the 50th birthday party.

“I think it’s been really special how families share the tradition of CHOM and the kids are turning the parents onto newer bands they may not have discovered,” he said. “Parents are educating their kids and carrying on musical traditions. It’s going to be a cross-generational night that really validates what we do.”

The CHOM 97.7 50th birthday party will be held on Monday night at the MTelus Theatre, featuring guest appearances by The Tea Party, Sam Roberts Band, Michel Pagliaro and The Damn Truth. Tickets are sold out.